Pick up the phone and call. This is a full time business so we most always are available to answer your questions or just give you some guidance and advice and we're happy to do it even if you don't end up as a client. See the contact page for the phone #.

First is the conceptualization element. You probably had a particular type of video in mind before coming to our site. Your first task is to communicate to us your ideas on your project. It's best to jot down your ideas/goals for the project and start a notebook or folder that you can write more notes in. Make a list of existing assets - the materials that you have such as still pictures, old movies and video clips that you think should be included. Make a list of assets not yet aquired. You can contact us via e-mail or by phone. We will discuss the ways to accomplish your ideas, options that may be available to you, and ways you can save money. We ask that you appoint a single person to make all decisions involved in the production. This "Producer" will insure continuity of communications and direction with our company.

Once we have identified your needs, we provide a detailed scope that outlines exactly what elements will make up your production. The details of the production are written into a simple production order which includes a firm estimate that will not vary more than 10% without your prior approval. Once signed, we are partners in a journey to produce something wonderful for your family or business.
Step 1 may be to transfer and archive your old family films. See our Film Transfer page.

Video montages are a collection of your still pictures played in sequence. We typically program from 6 seconds per picture with a ½ second dissolve between pictures. Large and detailed pictures can be scanned at a higher than video resolution and then a zoom or motion programmed so the still picture is slowly moving when played. This typically is done on the better quality photos and increases the time the photo plays to the 10-15 sec. range. The picture may play longer if you have chosen to add narration. Then we can hold the picture for the length of the narration. We can scan negatives and slides as well as pictures up to 8½ x 14. Pictures larger than that will have to be photographed with a digital camera. It helps us if you can arange all your pictures in the order you would like them to appear in the production. Use post-it notes numbered on the back of the photo. For video tapes note the time from when the tape begins to play until the start and end point for including clips from video tapes. For more detail on montages see the Video Montage Page.

OUR GUARANTEE: WFOVideo strives for fairness and honesty in our business practices. Should you decide to cancel at any time, you will only be responsible for the prorated amount of work done up to that point.