Be it a surprise party, bar mitzvah, anniversary party, corporate meeting or kids school play we can give you quality, broadcast quality coverage. WFOVideo can create a nice production to be played at the event or record the event itself or both. You may consider taping these type of events yourself but the truth is WFOVideo can do it much better, leaving you free to evjoy the event yourself. The biggest difference you will notice is the sound/voice quality. WFOVideo uses a combination of wireless, hand held or shotgun microphones to capture all the audio action your camcorder can't. Combining Sony digital cameras and professional grade microphones we will give you fantastic color and CD quality sound at a price that can't be beat. WFOVideo can edit your production adding music, titles even special effects if needed. It's all done digitally in a powerful computer. WFOVideo can output your production on VHS, VideoCD, S-VHS, DVD or even web stream. Don't let a special event pass by and miss the opportunity to preserve that special occasion. WFOVideo will give you a firm quote after discussing your needs. We pride ourselves in giving you the best options to fit your budget.

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